Straight Adhesives are Hypoallergenic and Designed to be Easy to Use

Straight adhesives are reusable

The duration of use of 1 adhesive varies between 3-10 days depending on the usage and the skin of the person.

Straight Adhesive Usage

Straight adhesives are hypoallergenic. One side of these double-sided tapes is designed to stick to the device and the other surface to your skin. It is important that the area to be bonded is dry and clean before bonding. Straight adhesives do not lose their adhesion with hair or sweat. 11 adhesives are sent in each box. Each of these adhesives varies depending on the skin, but is durable for 3 to 10 days.

Turn the back of the device

Remove The Old Adhesive

Remove the White Surface of the New Adhesive

Attach the adhesive tape to the device

Attach the device to your back

Straight Mobile Applications


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