Straight naturally trains your body to stand up straight. No back pain, easier breathing and
more confidence.

2,000+ reviews

Stand better. Sit better. Feel better.

Take your posture Back

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Straight naturally trains your body to stand up straight. No back pain, easier breathing and more confidence.

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Meet Your Posture Trainer

Meet STRAIGHT the simplest,

fastest and most natural way to improve your posture in just 21 days.

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Made Easy

You can comfortably wear the STRAIGHT on your back. No digging straps, tugging at adjustments, or uncomfortable heavy counterbalances.

No More Slouch

When you’re embarrassed about slouching and you want to feel more confident, it gently reminds you with small vibrations to stay upright.

Nobody Will Notice

Straight is invisible under the dress and looks like part of your back when you carry.

How STRAIGHT Works?  
in 4 easy steps

  • Setup StraightApp

    Setup app and pair your device with a few easy steps.

  • Wear the STRAIGHT

    You can comfortably wear the STRAIGHT on your back whenever you want.

  • Get Real-Time Feedback

    Get real-time feedback, track your progress and naturally train your body.

  • Good Posture via Biofeedback

    Kodgem Straight help you achieve healthier posture habits naturally. Discover what good posture feels like.

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  • 1x Adhesive protection card

9,000+ satisfied customers and counting

What people love about STRAIGHT

Commonly asked

Commonly asked

How Many Hours Can the Product Work When Fully Loaded?

Straight has 2 modes for charging.

Mode (Energy Mode): It has an average usage of 11 hours.

Mode (Low Energy Mode): It has an average of 22 hours of use. You can choose the mode you want through the mobile application.

Can the device be used without the application?

The device can be used without the application. From the device, you can turn on and off, calibrate your posture and delay the vibration.

How Can I Calibrate My Posture on the Device?

If you turn on the device and put it on your back, stand upright and double-click the button on the device, the device will calibrate your posture. If you can change the calibrating process according to your stances.

How Long Do Adhesives Last?

Although each adhesive varies according to the skin, it is durable between 3 and 10 days.

Are Adhesives Sold Separately?

You can easily find our adhesives on our website and online marketplaces.

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