About Us

Fatih Durmaz, CEO of Kodgem Straight - Linkedin

Since when i was a child, I realised that standing upright was a problem for me. When my mother saw me, she would often say, "Stand up, son." I have came up with some ideas to solve this problem.

- I put the wood on my back and tied it around my arms and made me straight :) but my back was wound.

- I decided to buy a corset and thought I would get rid of this problem, and I started to use corset, but when I took off the corset, my muscles weakened even more because of the corset (also the corset was very uncomfortable).

-When I went to high school, I thought I could solve this problem with my brother's remote controlled car's engine because of my interest in electronic devices.And I dismantled the engine and placed it on my back to warn me when my posture was broken, and tied cables to my neck and trousers so that current could pass.I was putting the battery in my pocket ofcourse. This method worked a bit because I got rid of my mother's warning when she saw me slouched with this invention.But it was still not workable.It was too big and I had cable everywhere.

-My problem was still there when I went to university and there was still no product that could fully solve this problem. So I decided to make an advanced version of my simple demo in high school. I made a model that can be attached to my back with bandages using a helicopter engine. That worked pretty well. But only problem left is i was having trouble when i was attaching it on my back and I had to get help from my roommate. It also needed to be in a fixed range, could not be calibrated.

- University was over and i started to work. I decided to develop this initiative, which I did version 2 at the university in order to solve this problem. And finally I developed Straight, which would be the solution for everyone who has trouble standing upright like me.

Today we are starting to produce for selling the STRAIGHT to the whole world. Be with us in this initiative ...


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