Perfect Design

We have designed

a thin, light and aesthetic product for you.

It is carefully calculated to

the finest detail and exactly

as it should be.

A Perfect Chip

Ideal Battery Lıfe

The most ideal chip that comes with BLE 4.2 technology, which is preferred by IOT device manufacturers in the world and used in more than 100 million devices and also contains all the features we need.

We have set up a Battery life that can accompany you all day long.

- With a battery life of 10-15 hours, Straight will accompany you all day long.

- Your battery will charge in just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

In order to be thin, light and aesthetic, we have worked in the most ideal dimensions we can offer you. 12.9 mm thickness With 29 mm width and 53.1 mm length, you can easily place it on your spine or any part of your body.

Straight Mobile Applications


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