Get a Healthy

Posture in 21 days

Meet your very own wireless posture

trainer: Kodgem Straight.


What is Kodgem Straight?

Straight is your wireless posture trainer. It trains you to maintain a healthy posture by using gentle vibrations to remind you to stay up straight. Use it in the office, at home, or while taking a walk outside. The mobile app helps you keep track of your progress.


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Remember when the hump stops

Straight sends vibrations that
remind you to stand upright

Improve back and chest muscles

Naturally Standing up straight strengthen your back and chest muscles.

Habit in 21 days

Straight, gives the habit of standing upright in 21 days.

How Are You Sitting Right Now

A healthy and upright posture is always a sign of self-confidence. However, your posture affects not only your appearance but also your physical and mental health. When we make a habit of wandering with a bad posture during the day, experts say that body functions do not work in a healthy way and that bad posture has side effects that we do not notice.
Straight, that's where it comes in. We have worked to provide the most effective solution to this problem which is increasing day by day and today we have introduced KODGEM STRIGHT.

In 21 Days You will not believe
the changes of your posture

In 21 Days You will not believe
the changes of your posture

Meet the straight
which improves your posture in just 21 days the simplest, fastest and most natural way


Real-time posture tracking With StraightApp,

you can follow your progress, adjust your device

as you wish, and do regular exercises to improve

your back and chest muscles.


How Straight Works

You can use Straight anywhere while working

in the office, hiking, reading and driving

Stand Upright Wherever You Are

Straight makes sure you do

your exercises regularly.

Exercising at least 3 times in a week is essential to achieving the goal. Strong muscles makes us to do more comfortable all movements in our daily life.


With low-energy bluetooth technology, you can calibrate your device and monitor your data at any time.


Calibrate your device with the StraightApp, place it on your back and enjoy a healthy life.


Low battery consumption

for daily use.


Imperceptibly light and small in size, designed for your comfort.


With the StraightApp you can easily set up your device and see your daily and weekly results.


It offers you a healthy day with its ergonomic structure that you will almost forget even. 


Kodgem Straight Adhesives

Straight adhesives are hypoallergenic

STRAIGHT adhesives are hypoallergenic. One side of these double-sided tapes is designed to adhere to the device and the other surface to your skin

Straight adhesives are


Before bonding, it is important that the area to be bonded is dry and clean. Straight adhesives do not lose their adhesion with hair or sweat.

11 adhesives are shipped in each box. Each of these adhesives varies depending on the skin, but shows durability between 3 and 10 days.

Adhesives you can use for

100+ days

When your adhesives have run out, you can get new adhesives with an affordable price on our website.

Easy Order


Colorful notification light

Multi-function button

Back side to best fit your back

Charging port

Sıla Akyol

I would like you to recognize the posture problem with a great initiative, especially for children to acquire the right posture habit. We always see jobs abroad and say, 'What a good idea'. Here is a great job for your support and health from our country and Ankara!

User Comments

Nur Aslan

As someone who bought the product and used it for 15 days, I thank you endlessly, it works far beyond its commitments. I called the support line today and they made me happy to find solutions even in case of failure due to my own fault. Thank you for paying attention to customer satisfaction. I recommend to anyone who has the disorder🌟👏🙏 @kodgemstraight

İpek Yıldırım

I bought my Kodgem Straight 1 month ago and started using it, I still use it. It is a really great device and now I am standing upright. In the video, it is very well described. Thanks Kodgem Straight :)

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